Your Week in SmartCash, October 11 2018

Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash community.

SmartCash Community

SmartCash Tipbots are active on Twitter and Discord! You can try out the new Twitter tipbot here.

Ben Swann released their new Reality Check video, “How the SmartHive Makes SmartCash Exceptional” on YouTube.

Even though the future of free market cryptocurrencies in Venezuela is uncertain, our SmartCash community is still hard at work at spreading SmartCash awareness and education.

Be sure to watch CryptoLove episode about SmartCash: the SmartCash community.

In case you missed it, here is Kenn Bosak speaking with SmartCash team members at AnarchaPortugal.

SmartCash Caracas hosted YouTuber marilunabella4 for a great evening discussing SmartCash.

There are presently five proposals to vote on at the SmartCash Governance Portal. Want to be heard? Then vote!

Visit the SmartCash Pre-Proposal Forum to share your own ideas and get feedback. Having trouble getting your proposal passed? Try these three simple steps and try again with a revised version.

This week’s featured graphic is “Exmo Exchange Coming Soon”:

Exmo Listing SmartCash

Development & Quality Assurance Teams

Core-Smart v1.2.6 has been released an optional update with some syncing improvements for Windows users.

SmartCash v1.3 is being worked on, with details to be released in another announcement in the coming days.

ElectrumSmart is getting a big update for 4.0. Multisig will be made much easier to use. It will also work with with Trezor, enable in-wallet SmartVoting, and display a SmartRewards tab.

The development team is finishing the Trezor model T integration, to submit for their review.

Edge wallet integration has been submitted for review.

SmartCash has released the native iOS wallet! You can download it here. While it is a unique interface, it creates a shared login with the web wallet for maximum compatibility. Watch the SmartCash iOS Wallet  presentation.

You can keep up-to-date with new developer commits across multiple repositories at

Outreach Teams 1 & 2

Watch, like, and comment on the fun video: “SmartCash Instant Cryptocurrency Payments” on YouTube!

Join the SmartCash Outreach 2 event on October 20th hosted at Criptospace in Brazil! More details here and on the Kamoney Facebook page. You can buy your tickets with SmartCash.

Japanese outreach member, @misachasu, is climbing Everest to bring SmartCash one step closer to the moon! Keep updated on her journey by Twitter.

SmartCash was recently featured on the news and editorial website, with an article about the future of SmartCash and its unique features.

SmartCash Outreach 2 Hive Coordinator, Enrique Souza, will be sharing how SmartCash is disrupting payments in Brazil at the Florida Alternative Investment Association, “Meeting of the Americas” event on Oct 18th. Register here and read the brochure!

Enrique Souza

There is a new fiat gateway,, which accepts SEPA purchases for EU residents! You can also transfer back to fiat easily using PayPal.

You can now purchase a prepaid debit card and load it with SmartCash thanks to a partnership with Peer2. Visit to order your own and pay with SMART.

SmartCash has been added to the Pungo Wallet for Android.

Exmo is listing SmartCash soon, with USD, EUR, RUB, and BTC pairs.

Coinbene has added a SmartCash trading pair with Brazilian Real.

Try Atomic Wallet for SmartCash! Atomic Swaps will be added later this year.

Support & Web Teams

Want to integrate SmartCash into your exchange or project? Check this SMART listing guide for tips on getting started.

Buy and Sell SmartCash at, for Dutch users.

The Web and Quality Assurance Hive Coordinators had a great time at the invite-only event, Blockchain South, hosted in New Zealand. They made new business contacts and had a great time!

A design refresh is being discussed for the website for later this year.

Remember, the best place to get support is at Discord, but there are also support articles on common topics on freshdesk here.

Helpful visualizations and other SmartCash Statistics are available and updated regularly at

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