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SmartCash Community

Activity in Costa Rica picks up further! You can now pay with SmartCash at the Calle Hermosa minimarket. There are many more SmartCash merchants in Costa Rica as well.

Brazil continues to be a hotspot for SmartCash, with awesome presentations at events, and YamCol group adding SMART payments in their stores.

Recently passed proposals include #739 Sponsor TDC Florianópolis Edition 2019 and #737 SMART on Anypay, the beloved libertarian POS. Thanks to everyone who participated in feedback and voting!

There are presently six proposals open to vote on at the SmartCash Voting Portal.

Visit the SmartCash Pre-Proposal Forum to share your own ideas and get feedback. Having trouble getting your proposal passed? Try these three simple steps and try again with a revised version.

Development & Quality Assurance Teams

SmartCash 1.2.8 has been released and implements changes to SmartNode collateral described in the earlier announcement. You can download the updated wallets at the website.

You can now vote on proposals from your Trezor!

Analysis of the blockchain stats related to the transition of the SmartNode collaterals is available at this Coinlance article.

You can keep up-to-date with new developer commits across multiple repositories at https://smartstats.cc/github.

Outreach Teams 1 & 2

Listen to the latest podcast episode of SmartTalk Radio, Episode 10: Emerson Inagaki of Yamcol Group – Adding SmartCash Payments to their Stores. More episodes are being recorded regularly, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast or YouTube channel!

Watch how simple and easy it is to buy SmartCash and top up your SmartCard at a ATM in Switzerland.

SmartCash team members rocked the events at Anarchapulco; the SmartCard was a hit and smashed other cryptos in usage at the most popular restaurant, Vegan Verde.

Our work in the French cryptocurrency community got two french speaking YouTubers to tweet about SmartCash and their new SmartCards: @Whale_Tamer and MiningTK.

Read this great Interview with Frans Aarts, CEO of SmartPort on Coinlance to see the surprising way they first got introduced to crypto.

Receive regular updates from SmartCash with CoinGecko Beam, Blockfolio, InvestFeed or Delta Direct in addition to the direct SmartCash social media accounts.

Support & Web Teams

The SmartCash web wallet got a useful new feature, recurring payments. The Cryptide Show does a fun exploration of the new feature on their YouTube channel.

Need help or have questions? The best place to get support 24/7 is on the SmartCash Discord server, but there are also support articles on common topics on FreshDesk here.

Review data and analysis for SmartCash SmartCash Fundamentals which are regularly updated at SmartStats.cc.

Community Activity Summary

There are now 16,412 Smarties on the SmartCash Discord Server, 3,158 on Telegram, 14,089 followers of @Scashofficial on Twitter, 2,905 subscribed to /r/SmartCash on Reddit, 1,609 followers on Instagram, and a growing presence on Gab.ai with 174 followers.
We have 1,363 enabled SmartNodes, our blockchain has a current height of 922,870, and in the last 24 hours, it has transacted 49,973,305.00 SMART via 2287 transactions! There are 22,303 addresses eligible for SmartRewards, which is currently expected to pay around 0.89%. Our official mining pools have a total of 1,227 workers and have paid out 4,552 SMART in the last 12 hours. CoinGecko currently has SmartCash ranked at #123. They report a -5.329% change in price and a USD volume of $737,625 in the past 24 hours.

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