Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash Community

SmartCash Community

The HitBTC exchange has significantly reduced their SMART withdrawal fee.

Watch a short informational video on YouTube: “How to tip with SmartCash”.

Interview with Anypay: Convenient Payments in Crypto are already here! – CoinLance.

NodeHub.io: Join our campaign with SmartCash to host your SmartNodes 50% off for 1 month if they’re deployed by the end of March.

Outreach Teams 1 and 2

“What will come in SmartCash v1.3 Release?” Сheck out thread on Twitter to see important information about a future release.

How to buy SmartCash offline and store it in an Ellipal wallet. Watch the video on YouTube!

Great article about SmartCash TipBots for Spanish users!

Development and Quality Assurance

The team is working hard on new updates / tools every day: “Our internal dev team channel is busier than ever. All hands on deck working on the next release. We’ll go down with the ship and keep coding at the bottom of the ocean. :) See you on the other side and stay $smart! We’ll be here after the smoke cleared.” Stay tuned!

Our web and mobile wallets is back online. Hosting has been moved to more reliable and cost effective providers.

Support and Web Teams

Remember the best place to get support is the SmartCash Discord Server!