Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash Community

SmartCash Community

SmartCash was life on Criptoblock in Brazil talking about adoption and usability! This is a SmartCash focused event!

We are gaining traction in Mexico!

There is currently one proposal up for vote: SmartCash Store.

Visit the SmartCash Pre-Proposal Forum to share your own ideas and get feedback. Having trouble getting your proposal passed? Try these three simple steps and try again with a revised version.

Development and Quality Assurance

Soon the native mobile wallet for SmartCash will be ready for Android!

Support and Web Teams

SmartPay 1.4 was released, allowing standard QR based payments to the existing SmartCard app.

The core wallet version 1.3 is in testing and has improved sync time by one hour.

Remember the best place to get support is the SmartCash Discord Server, join today if you haven’t already!!

Community Activity Summary

There are now 18,112 Smarties on the SmartCash Discord Server, 3,281 on Telegram, 13,967 followers of @Scashofficial on Twitter, 2,900 subscribed to /r/SmartCash on Reddit, 1,595 followers on Instagram, and a growing presence on Gab.ai with 175 followers. We have 2,202 enabled SmartNodes, our blockchain has a current height of 1,104,644, and in the last 24 hours it has transacted 188,980,277.00 SMART via 18538 transactions! There are 20,862 addresses eligible for SmartRewards, which is currently expected to pay around 0.24%. Our official mining pools have a total of 478 workers and have paid out 8,429 SMART in the last 12 hours. CoinGecko currently has SmartCash ranked at #205. They report a 1.047% change in price and a USD volume of $169,692 in the past 24 hours.