Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash Community

SmartCash Community

It’s so easy to turn your $smart into fiat. Check out this recent video shot in Portugal, showing how easy it is to turn SmartCash into fiat cash via a supporting ATM machine.

Buy SmartCash on Changelly using your VISA or MasterCard!

Want to buy SmartCash online? Just use these exchanges and built-in services: Changelly.com, EXMO, HitBTC, STEX.com, Ellipal Wallet, Edge Wallet, Coinomi.

SmartCash has been available as a payment method on Pecunia Platform for about 6 month! Now you can host SmartCash Masternode for 0.99$/mo. Any account hosting SMART is eligible for a free Bitcoin Confidential cold staking node.

SmartCash got a shoutout on biggest Brazilian national TV network! Find out more about this in the Portuguese article on CointelegraphBr!


Outreach Teams 1 and 2

SmartCash is now easily available to both international and US citizens via Oodlebit exchange! This marks a new milestone for our project, a US fiat gateway!

Read an exclusive interview with Ellipal Wallet and find out interesting news about when SmartRewards will be added to the passive income section right in your Ellipal wallet!


Development and Quality Assurance

The SmartCash team has added a new feature to the Web Wallet. Check out the article “What’s amazing about SmartCash`s Time Locked Transactions feature?” on Coinlance. 


Support and Web Teams

Remember the best place to get support is the SmartCash Discord Server!