Your Week in SmartCash, August 29 2018

Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash community.

SmartCash Community

Ben Swann’s latest Sponsor Spotlight video on SmartCash has received over 270,000 views on YouTube!

The new NFC enabled SmartCards are available to purchase on, an independent merchant from the community.

There are presently ten SmartCash project treasury proposals to vote on. Remember, it’s easy to vote and all SmartCash holders can vote with no cost to participate.

Visit the SmartCash Pre-Proposal Forum to share your own and get feedback. It’s quick, easy, and a great way to support your entrepreneurial ideas!

This week’s featured graphic is the “Trading on Cryptopia” graphic by Semptly:

Cryptopia SmartCash

Development & Quality Assurance Teams

The SmartPay App has been updated to version 1.3.2 on the Google Play store.

The iOS version of the SmartCash wallet is being prepared for launch on the Apple App Store.

Improvements to SmartNode syncing are being tested for an upcoming release.

You can keep up-to-date with new developer commits across multiple repositories at

Outreach Teams

SmartCash announced a scalable, censorship resistance outreach strategy utilizing Minds,, and localized Twitter accounts. You can view all SmartHive team accounts on the dedicated SmartCash Social Media page.

You will soon be able to trade SmartCash on Cryptopia! SMART is due to be listed on Thursday 30th August at 3pm NZST at which time the SMART deposits and withdrawals will be opened. The SMART trade markets will be opened 24 hours after the listing time above, at which time the community will be able to begin trading.

SmartCash is a sponsor of World Crypto Con 2018 held in Las Vegas, October 31st through November 1st.

Here is a video showing the SmartCard enabled on Apple Wallet.

SmartCash was recently featured on the news and editorial website

Outreach Team Member Misachasu began a series in 月間仮想通貨 Gekkan Kasoutuuka (most famous crypto magazine in Japan), with SmartCash listed on the profile! See pics of the great feature in her tweet.

Outreach Team Member Emilio will be talking about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and SmartCash at the TEC University in Costa Rica on September 14th!

The SmartCash brochure has been translated and is now available to read in Spanish.

There are now 14,667 Smarties on the SmartCash Discord server, 13,509 followers on Twitter, 2,770 subscribed to /r/SmartCash on Reddit, 1,203 followers on Steemit, 1,292 on Instagram, 2,556 at the SmartCash Chat Telegram Channel, 1,181 at the SmartCash Brazil Telegram, and a growing presence on and

Support & Web Teams

It is very easy to create a SmartCard and accept SmartCard payments. Here is a great demo video on YouTube.

Watch this demo of how to Setup a SmartCard using an NFC enabled Android App.

SmartRewards are now blockheight based, fully decentralized, and are created directly from the blockchain with coinbase transactions. You can view the estimate for the next SmartRewards snapshot (and estimated %) at or from the SmartRewards tab of the node client. The next snapshot will occur at 669,099 in approximately 26 days.

SmartCash has been listed on

Updating your SmartNode to v1.2.4 and adding swap space is helpful to keep them running without interruption. Instructions for the upgrade are available here.

There is a quickfix for dual miners to support SmartReward blocks (which happen a few times each month). Expect a new release by Claymore soon, otherwise check out the mega repository linked from the thread for this version.

Helpful statistics and other SmartCash Stats are available to browse and visualize at

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