Your Week in SmartCash, August 13 2018

Your Week in SmartCash

Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash community.

SmartCash Community

Visit the SmartCash Pre-Proposal Forum to comment on ideas from the community or share your own and get feedback.

There are currently twelve proposals to vote on, so be sure to cast your vote! Remember, there is no cost to vote and you can do so easily with the web wallet or node client.

It’s exciting to see cryptocurrency empowering independent media, such as Ben Swann’s Reality Check, Sponsored by SmartCash.

This week’s featured graphic is the SmartPay App:

SmartCash SmartPay

Development & Quality Assurance Teams

Support for SmartCash in the Edge Wallet has been submitted to the Edge GitHub repository, the review process should be complete within a few days. Expect this for the next release of their wallet!

Every transaction using the SmartCard is now an InstantPay transaction for inputs totalling less than 100,000 SMART.

The updated SmartPay App includes NFC (Near-Field Communication) and performance improvements. The next batch of SmartCards will include the NFC connectivity feature.

The light client, ElectrumSmart, will have SmartHive Project Voting added in a future development release.

SmartCash developers helped make SmartCash available on ATMs worldwide, read about it here.

Outreach Teams

Enjoy this short film, “SmartCard vs MasterCard” on YouTube.

Zaphoid discussed the week in crypto (Aug 3-10) live on Naomi Brockwell’s YouTube stream, mentioning the SmartMining security feature.

Usage of SmartCard continues to increase with the latest being the the Arrumadinho restaurant in Brazil.

SmartCash is hosting meetups around the world. Check out the SmartCash meetups page to find one near you, or host one yourself!

There are now 14,405 Smarties on the SmartCash Discord server, 13,517 followers on Twitter, 2,745 subscribed to /r/SmartCash on Reddit, 1,203 followers on Steemit, 1,284 on Instagram, 2,745 at the SmartCash Chat Telegram Channel, 1,197 at the SmartCash Brazil Telegram, and a growing presence on and

Support & Web Teams

SmartCash has been listed on three new exchanges in Brazil:,.br,, and

A SmartNode calculator is now available. You can calculate estimated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly rewards of SMART per SmartNode that you operate. Please note that this calculator does not include SmartRewards in the assumptions.

Find places to shop with SmartCash at which is a merchant map. Please get in touch if you’d like to add your store.

A SmartNode v1.2.4 Setup Guide is available in German.

The latest SmartNode update to v1.2.4 can help with connectivity. Reminder: updating from 1.1.1 is required, as that is no longer supported. Instructions for the upgrade are available here.

Live stats are available at

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