The SmartCash team is excited to share the news that SMART was added to the voting for adding to StakeCube exchange. StakeCube includes an ecosystem that consists of an exchange, masternode service, mining and PoS pools. It was launched in mid-2018 and now the number of active users of StakeCube is more than 50 000 users and more than 55 crypto assets are supported on the platform. And now SmartCash has a great chance to be included in a listing on the exchange!

Voting is held on Twitter and will end in 3 days:

We ask our community to support us and vote for SmartCash $SMART. To do this, you just need to follow the link on Twitter and cast your vote. We would be grateful if you also left a comment and made a retweet to spread this information across social networks.

StakeCube exchange has rank 39 on CoinMarketCap regarding the web traffic factor and among the advantages is low fees for trading, more than 120 markets and no minimum amount for trading.


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