The SmartCash Development Team is pleased to share that v1.1.1 of SmartCash is now available for download. You may view the code on GitHub here.

You may download the updated desktop wallet here. Web wallet users do not need to upgrade.

SmartCash improvements in this release include:

  • SmartNode payment stability for more frequent rewards
  • SmartRewards tab improvement with new “update address” button
  • Core stability fixes
  • Debug.log growth reduced for SmartNode operators
  • A new synchronization status bar for SmartNode functions

Required Upgrade for SmartNode Operators

SmartNode operators should be aware that this upgrades the protocol from 90024 to 90025. Old protocol nodes will be paid only until February 28th, after that only upgraded SmartNodes with version 900025 will receive block rewards. This isn’t much time, but we also have had some issues with nodes receiving extra payments so it is the community’s best interest to upgrade quickly. The next releases will give a longer upgrade window, especially if a protocol update is needed.

Here’s a quick method to upgrade. Download, install, and open the new desktop wallet 1.1.1 to allow it to begin syncing.

If you installed the Smartnode using the “bash” or “10 minute guide” method you can upgrade using PPA on your VPS with the following commands:


smartcash-cli stop && sleep 20 && sudo apt update && sudo apt install smartcashd -y


smartcash-cli stop && sleep 20 && rm ~/.smartcash/peers.* && smartcashd

Finally, activate your upgraded SmartNode from the updated desktop wallet with the “start alias” command.

If you had installed a SmartNode from the initial guide (not using ppa) and are stuck upgrading, it might be easier to use the latest SmartNode installer script on a new VPS. For further support with upgrading your SmartNode you may visit the #smartnodes channel on the SmartCash Community Discord.

SmartCash Discord

We are now actively working on the version 1.2 of SmartCash which will include unique improvements to mining.

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