SmartCash 1.2.4 Release

We are pleased to announce  SmartCash Core v1.2.4. While this update is not mandatory for users who run v1.2.3, it is recommended that all users upgrade and run the latest version.

This release includes improvements to the SmartNode Management UI which makes the setup process within the Desktop Node Client a lot easier and more user friendly as well as the Integration of the SmartHive Proposal Voting.


SmartVote Integration and SmartNodes Easy Setup

What’s New

The whole Changelog can be found on GitHub here: Release Notes.

SmartNode Management Improvements

It’s now possible to create a SmartNode without editing the local smartnode.conf file. Navigate to the SmartNodes tab within the Node Client and click on My SmartNodes, there you will now find the Button: Create SmartNode.

Clicking on the button looks like this →

SmartNode Button

Once you have sent a collateral transaction with exactly 10,000 SmartCash, it will be able to be selected.

You only need to give your SmartNode an Alias, insert the IP address from the VPS and click on Apply to automatically add a new line to your smartnode.conf file.

A full and detailed guide on “How to Set Up a SmartNode”, including this new feature, can be found here: SmartNode Set Up Guide v1.2.4.

SmartHive Proposal Voting Integration

With this Update you will now find a dedicated SmartVote tab:

Smart Voting Tab
There you will find a list of all Proposals that are currently open to vote and your Voting Power (equal to the amount of SmartCash within your wallet). You can either use your whole amount or select individual addresses to vote on a specific proposal.

Voting Power

You will find a short overview of every proposal including the requested funds in SMART and USD, the Voting deadline, a link to the whole proposal, your current Voting status and the current status of the Voting itself.

SmartCash Proposal View

Once you have selected one or more proposals you want to vote for, you just need to click on the Voting Button below to cast your Vote. A window will pop up and after several seconds you will see that you successfully voted with the selected amount of SmartCash.

Update Instructions

Desktop Node Client

Backup your wallet first from the Wallet menu. Download, install, and open the new desktop Node Client 1.2.4 to allow it to begin syncing. Links are available at the bottom of the page.

SmartNode (VPS, Ubuntu 16 or 18)
Update your Node on your VPS with the following commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install smartcashd -y
smartcash-cli stop

SmartNode (VPS, Ubuntu 14,15,17, or other Linux distributions)
Update your Node on your VPS with the following commands:

tar -xvf smartcash-1.2.4-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
sudo mv smartcash-1.2.4/bin/* /usr/bin/
smartcash-cli stop

Get Support

For further support with upgrading to v1.2.4 you may visit our SmartCash Community Discord and go to the dedicated channels #support or #smartnodes.