Social Media Subscribe

Censorship of cryptocurrency related advocates, projects, exchanges, and companies has been on the rise in recent months. In order to ensure the ability to reach new audiences and consistently communicate with our existing ones, we have created additional social media accounts across the Twitter, Minds, and Gab platforms for both localized languages and each team.

We believe this promotes decentralization. In the design of SmartCash, multiple hive teams acts independently to encourage faster growth without the overhead of central planning or risk of censorship by platforms. This cooperation is a strength of SmartCash, helping to build community support and encouraging involvement to participate and build the payments platform of the future.

We have put together a dedicated page to view all social media accounts for SmartCash. They are also listed below.

Use the following accounts to follow the Outreach Hive One on Twitter:
English: Twitter, Gab, and Minds
Spanish: Twitter, Gab, and Minds
Japanese: Twitter, Gab, and Minds
German: Twitter, Gab, and Minds
Russian: Twitter, Gab, Minds, and VK
Ukrainian: Twitter, Gab, and Minds

Additional SmartCash hive teams are here:
SmartCash Outreach Hive 2 (English and Portuguese): Twitter, Gab, and Minds
SmartCash Support Hive: Twitter,Gab, and Minds
SmartCash Quality Assurance Hive: Twitter, Gab, and Minds
SmartCash Development Hive: Twitter, Gab, and Minds

We encourage everyone to also consider using platforms such as Minds and Gab, which are designed around open and free discussion. There have been increasingly frequent cases of censorship on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, including shadow-banning, banning, and revoking access to accounts without backups of personal data. We hope you will join us on Minds, Gab, and of course our SmartCash Discord server.