Your Week in SmartCash, September 21 2018

Naomi Brockwell shared their cute SmartCash bee plush on Twitter :)CryptoModel shows off her SmartCash bee yoga shorts on Instagram as part of their morning routine of relaxation and balance.CryptoLove will have a SmartCash team member on their YouTube show this Monday
SmartCash in the Jungles

Does Your Coin Work in the Jungles or Slums (Favelas) of Brazil

One of the arguments for the benefit of cryptocurrencies is that they can help many people that are currently outside of the banking system. The idea that everybody is their own bank has some merit with cryptocurrency. However, can you really…

Important Security Update for the SmartCash Tipbots

As of approximately 4:00PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on Friday, September 7th the SmartCash tipbots, telegram bridge bot, and original RPC explorer became inaccessible.The former SmartCash developer managing those services, Markus (msg768),…
Cryptopia SmartCash

Your Week in SmartCash, August 29 2018

Ben Swann’s latest Sponsor Spotlight video on SmartCash has received over 270,000 views on YouTube!The new NFC enabled SmartCards are available to purchase on, an independent merchant from the community.There are presently ten SmartCash project treasury proposals to vote on.
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SmartCash Announces Scalable, Censorship Resistant Outreach Strategy

Censorship of cryptocurrency related advocates, projects, exchanges, and companies has been on the rise in recent months. In order to ensure the ability to reach new audiences and consistently communicate with our existing ones, we have created…
SmartCash SmartPay

Your Week in SmartCash, August 13 2018

SmartCash CommunityVisit the SmartCash Pre-Proposal Forum to comment on ideas from the community or share your own and get feedback.There are currently twelve proposals to vote on, so be sure to cast your vote! Remember, there is no cost to vote and you can do so easily with the web wallet or node client.It's exciting to see cryptocurrency empowering independent media, such as Benn Swann's Reality Check, Sponsored by SmartCash.This week's featured graphic is the SmartPay App

SmartCash Available for Purchase Worldwide at ATMs

SmartCash is positioned as an easy to use, fast, and secure cryptocurrency that can support everyday use at businesses and ATMs. To speed up adoption and accessibility for people worldwide, SmartCash developers have contributed code that…
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Your Week in SmartCash, August 1 2018

Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash community.SmartCash CommunityVisit to vote on seven open proposals. Remember, you can use the new v1.2.4 desktop node client or web wallet to easily vote on SmartHive Project Proposals
SmartVote Integration and SmartNodes Easy Setup

SmartCash v1.2.4 Release

We are pleased to announce  SmartCash Core v1.2.4. While this update is not mandatory for users who run v1.2.3, it is recommended that all users upgrade and run the latest version.This release includes improvements to the SmartNode…

Your Week in SmartCash, July 12 2018

Visit the to vote on seven open proposals, including " Exclusive Sponsorship Reality Check w/ Ben Swann Powered by SmartCash"!Everyone celebrated the 1st birthday of the SmartCash Genesis Block on July 11th!