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What is SmartRewards? Find out the staking requirements in this short video on YouTube:

Pungo Wallet Team: “Smart is now available into Pungo wallet, we just relaunched the project and Smartcash had to be there of course :)

Did you know SmartCash price outperformed Bitcoin Cash, Dash or Ripple year over year? The SmartCash team works hard every day to grow adoption, improve core features, increase functionality and accessibility.

SmartCash has ~90 times the transaction capacity of Bitcoin

How to earn more SmartCash? Solid yearly return without custodial risk and without using third-party services. Detailed guides here.

Interesting SmartCash video review in Spanish. SmartCash reaching new places: SmartCash (Smart) – CRIPTOMONEDA – SmartCard – SmartBand.

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How to easily activate SmartRewards and SuperRewards in Ellipal Wallet. Check out this video.

Want to get into SmartCash or new to SmartCash? Check out the new Reddit welcome thread that has the relevant information you need:

Popular the Homestead Guru Blog Accepts SmartCash for Ebooks and Courses – Coinlance.


SmartCash is now available on Opolo Wallet, a solid, reliable hardware wallet. Buy yours at a discount:

Opolo Wallet Team: “We are happy to work with professional team of @scashofficial

Smart Talk Radio episode 23rd: Ellipal and SmartRewards with Lily Da Vine and Film. Check it out on YouTube!

Smart Talk Radio BusyBee and News with Lily Da Vine and Sylvain Cloutier: “Last weeks episode of Smart Talk Radio was a sort of news cast for recent SmartCash and BC news with Sylvain Cloutier. We talked about many topics but the main one is the Busy Bee Task Auction, something I consider to be a genius way to outsource and get things done.”

The easiest ways to generate passive income – SmartRewards, SuperRewards and SmartNodes – Coinlance – bringing you the latest news about SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential.

SmartCash is now available to trade on Changelly PRO. Check out the press release on Cointelegraph: Changelly PRO welcomes SmartCash.

Discussing Changelly PRO & the SmartCash Listing with CEO Eric Benz: watch it on YouTube.

The first $SMART / $BC pair has been added to time tested STEX exchange.

Sylvain Cloutier: In this video, I discuss everything SmartCash with @enriquesouza_, Developper & Hive Coordinator. From SAPI to rewards to the upcoming BusyBee Portal…lots of updates you need to know about!


The TermRewards release is set to go live early next month and will activate December 1st. It will reward committed long term hodlers and help stabilize the price by locking up SmartCash for certain periods of time. 

Find out more details in an interview with Solarminer, SmartCash Lead Developer:

SmartCash & Bitcoin Confidential news update: the video is available on YouTube.

SAPI is the SmartCash open API that runs on top of the SmartNode network. “In this video I briefly explain what an API is. Also took a deep dive into all the advantages and uses that SAPI bring to SmartCash users.”

Our new decentralized explorer received an upgrade. It can now display more information:

Latest version of the SmartCash QT wallet is 1.3.3 and it’s available on the official website.

Latest version of the Electrum SmartCash wallet is 4.0.5 and it’s available on the official website.