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Exchange process takes place in a fully automated environment within 20-30 minutes.

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1-) Click on the drop down to find options to buy SMART by depositing either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

2-) Select the coin you want to deposit in exchange for SmartCash and enter the amount you wish to exchange.

3-) You will be given an indication of the amount of SMART you will receive and the market rate in USD.

4-) Please bear in mind that your deposit will require some confirmation from the network which may take a few minutes to process
and this may cause the exchange rate to differ slightly depending on how long the network takes to confirm your request.

5-) Enter the SmartCash address in which you wish to receive the funds and enter the cryptocurrency address from which you will be sending the coins.

You can also enter a receiving tag for future reference and an email address if you wish to do so.

Once you have confirmed all of the details are correct click Next to be move to the next page which will display an address and the exact amount of your chosen
cryptocurrency for you to send.

When your transfer of your chosen cryptocurrency has reached the indicated address, your specified SmartCash address will be credited with SMART.


Please be aware that this process of purchasing SmartCash operates through a third party, CryptoWolf.

If you experience any issues in receiving your requested SMART please contact CryptoWolf via this link or visit the channel #cryptowolfsupport in our Discord

Alternatively, you can also purchase SmartCash from the exchanges listed on our website. Get SmartCash.