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Your Week in SmartCash, April 14 2018

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There are twelve proposals currently open for SmartVoting. The global diversity of projects is superb, with proposals in France, the Riviera Maya, Venezuela, Jamaica, Switzerland, and Ghana. Remember to vote and be heard!

Team SmartCash on Steemit has a new reward structure announced. Check it out and you can participate to earn SmartCash for your writing talent.


Your Week in SmartCash, March 29 2018

SmartCash CommunitySmartRewards were paid to all eligible addresses on March 25th. 12,758 addresses were paid a 3.55% reward for the month.Check out the article of the week, winners of the SmartCash Meme Contest, and give your congrats to the week’s MVP for Team SmartCash


Your Week in SmartCash, March 22 2018

SmartCash CommunityCongratulations the winners of the SmartCash Community Writing Contest! You may view the winners and read all the entries here.Check out the entries to the SmartCash Meme Contest on Steemit.

SmartCash Deemed Not a Security Under Singapore Law

The SmartCash Community received good news today as it was announced that SmartCash tokens are unlikely to be considered a financial “security” under the Singapore Securities and Futures Act. Additionally, SmartCash is unlikely be defined as a “share”, “debenture”, “collective investment scheme”.  This means that local securities laws, which can slow down adoption of the […]

SmartCash Version 1.1.1 is Released

The SmartCash Development Team is pleased to share that v1.1.1 of SmartCash is now available for download. You may view the code on GitHub here.

You may download the updated desktop wallet here. Web wallet users do not need to upgrade.

Weekly Recap for SmartCash #1:

It’s been 8 days since we officially launched the SmartCash Blockchain and while there is still a mountain of work ahead of us; we would like to atleast start trying to provide weekly #SmartCash updates to this wonderful community, as we are big fans of Steem. With that being said; there will be weeks when we don’t post due […]