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Your Week in SmartCash, February 9 2019

Are you looking for old rare items? You can now pay with SmartCas at the Adelheid Antiek store in the Netherlands.
You can now buy a great cup of coffee using SmartCash at Spill the Beans Café in Montreal, Canada.

Your Week in SmartCash, January 18 2019

The SmartCash community and hive teams have been quite active over the last year! Check out the “SmartCash Year in Review for 2018” article and SmartCash Review for 2018 YouTube video to see the highlights of this prolific year.

SmartCash 2018 Year in Review

When 2018 started, SmartCash was about six months old with the genesis block being mined on July 11th, 2017, so it was an important first full calendar year for the project. A lot has happened throughout this time! The SmartCash blockchain network continues to be stable and fast with a robust SmartNode network and new […]

Announcing the Airdrop and Release of Bitcoin Confidential

Bitcoin Confidential is new, untraceable digital cash brought to you by the team at SmartCash. First announced more than six months ago, Bitcoin Confidential addresses the need for a fully fungible cryptocurrency requiring all transactions to be shielded and private. Unlike Dash or ZCash, Bitcoin Confidential will be fully fungible and provide full transaction anonymity […]

Your Week in SmartCash, November 28 2018

The Australian Cryptocurrency hardware provider, CoinStop, is now accepting SmartCash via CoinPayments!
SmartCash community members were at ¡VIVA LA CRYPTO! festival in Monterrey, Mexico!
Naomi Brockwell interviewed Zaphoid at Consensus in NY.

Your Week in SmartCash, November 5 2018

The SmartCash treasuries have migrated to spread out multisig addresses. This transitions hive budgets to higher security multi-signature wallets, in an ongoing effort to decentralize and further de-risk the storage of SmartCash Funds. A method to easily track balances among the decentralized addresses is being discussed.

SmartCash Payments and Treasuries Announcement

The Outreach, Development, Web, and QA hives are reducing all spendable payments by 2/3rds immediately. One third of payments will be available as a spending address. The remaining 2/3rds will be sent to a second address but expected to be held until there is a price recovery for at least one month. The Development hive […]

SmartCash’s Latin America Strategy for Brazil and Venezuela

Recently, Brazil has been in the international spotlight with the focus on the likely election of Jair Bolsonaro, with the final voting taking place on October 28th. As SmartCash strives for daily usage in all countries, understanding the political and regulatory environment of each country is paramount for success. On one hand, there is a […]