SmartCash is excited to share two forthcoming updates which will improve decentralization, censorship resistance, and engagement with the community. With the addition of SuperNodes, there will now be three ways for participants to engage directly with SmartCash: SmartRewards, SmartNodes, and SuperNodes.

First, SmartRewards will be updated to require each address to participate in SmartVoting to be eligible for rewards. SmartRewards will also be shifted to a 90 day holding cycle (142,500 blocks). In order to separate each set of incentives and simplify reward calculations SmartNode and SuperNode collateral will not be eligible for SmartRewards. We anticipate that active community members will receive higher rewards for participating as this new approach will remove inactive addresses from receiving payments.

SmartRewards Voting

Additionally, early next year there will be a new type of incentivized SmartCash server released that will power the SmartCard SmartPay API and the ElectrumSmart servers. SuperNodes will require a high amount of SMART collateral in order to receive a portion of the block rewards. This is intended to incentivize their maintenance and operation of SuperNodes and further decentralize important SmartCash services. Anyone will be able to independently run these services to support the SmartCash network.

SmartCash SuperNodes

With these changes, SmartCash is positioning for wider adoption and more active community engagement. SmartCash is dedicated to ongoing improvements to core features like SmartVoting and SmartRewards like these to meet the goals and mission of SmartCash. We believe these changes will better position SmartCash to continue to be a robust, censorship-resistant, decentralized, and active community.

These features are currently being implemented, and their release date is anticipated to be 2019.