Уеб портфейл

Винаги проверявайте дали сте на правилния URL адрес https://wallet.smartcash.cc
Уеб портфейл

Mobile Wallet

SmartCash Mobile Wallets are run from your Mobile (Phone, Tablet,..) device

Electrum Wallet

This is a fast wallet that does not require the blockchain download. Wallet will not start SmartNodes, but a future release will add that feature.

3rd Party Wallet

When using 3rd party wallets you need to trust the vendor’s server to know if payments were sent or received.


The SmartCard is a way to hold SMART on a physical card. You don’t need a phone to hold your SMART. If you have ever had a problem with using a phone inside a building…you will get why this is ideal. Only the merchant needs the internet connection. As simple to use as a credit or debit card but not controlled by any 3rd party processor. And not a preloaded card using a visa fiat system…this is real crypto to crypto. SmartCard in beta testing

Download SmartPay App

Accept SmartCash as a payment option in your business with zero fees using a simple SmartCash app. The SmartPay app is available for use anywhere in the world, all it requires is access to the internet.

Available for mobile

Хартиен портфейл

Винаги проверявайте дали сте на правилния URL адрес https://paperwallet.smartcash.cc
Хартиен портфейл

Умствен портфейл

Дръжте SmartCash във Вашия ум!

Умствен портфейл

Mnemonic wallet generator

generate addresses with a seed phrase!
Mnemonic Wallet

Винаги, когато теглите Хартиения портфейл / Умствен портфейл, го отваряйте с браузъра в офлайн режим!